Do you not deny that black people aroung the world have certain issues and concerns far beyond that of other ethnicities? I mean we have been totally discriminated against all around the world. Held in centuries of slavery, murdered at will, with the riches of our lands taken. And even as other ethnicities are given some type of compensation, black people are left to fend for themselves. We are under educated, fill more prisions, are arrested more often, are last to be hired and first to be fired. Heck, we don't even last the first 20 miniutes of a movie. WE ARE ALWAYS KILLED OFF FIRST! Our children are killing one another in the streets and much, much more!

Why is that? RACISM? No! Racism is only a vehicle! IT’S THE CURSE OF DEUTERONOMY 28 AS THE CHOSEN BUT DISOBEDIENT PROPLE! Racism only fuels the curse and is used to have the prophesy of the curse fulfilled.

We have and have had every conceivable program imaginable in an effort to stop or slow down the plight of our destruction and turmoil, but they don’t work do they? THAT’S BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT ADDRESSING THE REAL PROBLEM! THE REAL PROBLEM IS THE CURSE AND THE DISOBEDIENCE THAT KEEPS IT IN EFFECT!

We are quick to say, ‘ALL THINGS ARE UNDER OUR FEET”! But that’s not true is it? Especially for black people as a whole! That’s because OUR PROBLEM(S) ARE NOT SOCIAL, EDUCATIONAL OR EVEN RACISM! OUR PROBLEM IS SPIRITUAL! OUR PROBLEM IS DISOBEDIENCE!

Deuteronomy 4:1 “And now, O Yisra’Ãl, listen to the laws and the right-rulings which I am teaching you to do, so that you live, and shall go in and possess the land which YHWH Elohim of your fathers is giving you.

OUR PROBLEM IS DISOBEDIENCE! That’s what got us into this situation in the first place and it is LEARNING AND BEING OBEDIENT that will get us out of it!

Deuteronomuy 26:13 then you shall say before YHWH your Elohim, ‘I have put away the set-apart portion from my house, and also have given it to the LÃwite, and to the stranger, and to the fatherless, and to the widow, according to all Your command which You have commanded me. I have not transgressed Your commands, nor have I forgotten.

We have to FIRST LEARN THE COMMAND OF TORAH! Then DO THEM! There in lies our redemption and salvation as black people! AS THE CHOSEN PEOPLE! If we do healing is ours!

Read Deuteronomy 32 to get an idea of how much trouble we are in with the Father. BUT ALAST THERE IS HOPE!

2 Chronicles 7:14 and [if] My people upon whom My Name is called, shall humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their evil ways, then I shall hear from the heavens, and forgive their sin and heal their land.
15 “Now, My eyes are open and My ears attentive to the prayer of this place.

We say, “ALL THINGS ARE UNDER OUR FEET”? Well THE CURSE CAN BE TOO even thought it is from Elohim himself! So don’t be so quick to dismiss this teaching with the notion that we are all ONE UNDER AND IN CHRIST JESUS! And the main reason for that is JESUS DOES NOT EXIST! IT IS A FALSE PAGAN GOD INVENTED BY THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH IN 368 A.D. AND CHRIST IS A PAGAN GOD FROM AND SECT CALLED CHRISTIANS IN 200 BC.

This pagan god jesus was created through the romans by the devil to keep us away from the light of the knowledge of the glory of Yahweh. In the natural THE SON OF YAHWEH HAD TO BE WHITE AND NOT JEWISH OR YAHUDIM. Yahushua was black and Yahudim! YOUR VERY BELIEF IN JESUS FACILITATES THE CURSE AND THE LOSS OF SALVATION!

Study a little deeper and stop depending on that pulpit to try to know Yahweh. That relationship can only happen through self study.


SEE: http://godselectpeople.ning.com/group/the-way-disciples-of-yeshua/f...

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Will people be able to shake the scales off of their eyes and see the truth? Will people be able to shake off their fear of the system to acknowledge the truth? It takes courage to stand up.






jaja thanks for this powerful message concerning we the blacks. whites are putting much pressure on us we the blacks to allow guy marriage in uganda but since uganda is a christian nation we are refusing and our government is not willing to give this nation in the hands of the devil.


I did this study some time ago and came upon some facts that led me to DNA of Melanin and you will find that it's not the African or Black race that is of the Hebrew.  Africans came from Hams lineage. Hebrews came from Shems lineage. Caucasions came from Japheth's lineage. A lot of people that think they are of African descent are really not but may be the true Hebrews.  So happens that the African along with the Hebrew were caught up in the slave trade. Look up the genes of DNA such as AABB = dark skin; aabb = white skin and AaBb = middle brown.  Only two middle brown with AaBb procreating can produce all colors. Two of the AABB can only produce dark skin and two of aabb can only produce white skin.  It is what it is! It is believed that Adam and Eve had to be AaBb and produced children of all colors. It was at the tower of Babel that the dispersing of the people put same color and language with one another.  All of us in America didn't come from the African people as we have been told. I also believe the Jews we see in Jerusalem today came from the Khazars or Askhenaz (spelling may be wrong but in Genesis 10 in Japheth's lineage) which is of Japheth or aabb DNA or the white race. Don't mean to offend anyone! God's plan! My two cents! God bless!

This topic interests me also. My stepmother was a minister and she had a Bible which was illustrated and correctly showed the races of Biblical characters. Most of the old Biblical characters were people of color. Many of the ancient people, who lived in the regions that the Bible mentions, have descendants who still live there and they are people of color. We were taught that Adam and Eve had all the combinations of skin and eye color within them. I know this is possible because in my own family we have blood related family members who have white to dark brown toned skin, blue to green to brown eyes, natural blonde to red to brown-black hair of varying textures. These combinations can be seen among the Aborigine people. As you probably know Black genes are dominant genes. White genes are recessive. That means if all people came from Adam, Adam had to have a dominant Black gene in him. Since Eve came from Adam she had to have the same DNA. Recessive genes do not produce a dominant Black gene. After Adam we know that from Noah’s three son’s came the White, Shemites, and Black people. These sons traveled to different regions of the earth. Yapheth from whom came Whites traveled north away from a lot of sun exposure. We know it is possible to loss the Melanin in one’s skin or even to be born without much Melanin as in the case of Albinos. Those people who settled closer to the Equator had more Melanin and still do. The Shemites and Ham’s descendants were known to intermingle. A group that is in Africa and has DNA which proves they are Black Hebrews are the Lemba people who have both Shemite and Black blood. Their DNA shows that up to 65% of them carry the blood of the Hebrew Aaron priestly class more than American and Israeli Jews. That happens to be more than the people who are in Israel now.  They happen to be Black in skin tone. They are also discriminated against by many when in Israel. I saw one film where one native Black from Israel said they call them Cushies which is equal to be called Nigger here. Many live in poverty or are servants or maids. The Falasha people in Ethiopia are also Black Hebrews. They are one of the select groups that Israel allows within their borders.



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ioYAjdDALqk  Jewish DNA Konanim gene – The Lemba

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZXiJfmjIPc The Lemba and Rastafari

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5QNOq_EWhc The Falasha’s

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIgfELwwTVs Jew’s were Black

RAINELLE you speak as though these paople actually REPOPULATED the entire earth. As though the ENTIRE EARTH was flooded.

Since coming into the way I have been studying as though I have never opened a bible in my life. IT IS AMAZING to come to the father AS A LITTLE CHILD: AS A BOOK FULL OF BLANK PAGES! There is so much heretically traditional teaching we have been exposed to.

The word EARTH is ERETS in Hebrew. It has three basic meanings! THE PLANEET, A PLACE ON THE PLANET AND THE GROUND OF THE PLANET. There is also a reference to PEOPLE ON THE PLANET AND ON OR IN A PLACE ON THE PLANET. When we read WE ONLY SEE THE WORD "EARTH" and automatically apply it to the entire planet. But what if the man CREATED on DAY SIX were not created out of nothing or the ground but instead WERE CREATED IN THE SPIRIT!

What is the GODLESSNESS of man (now on the planet for some 195, 000 years) was what cause Elohim to say, "LET US MAKE MAN IN OUR OWN IMAGE AND AFTER OUR LIKENESS". Clearly what takes place on DAY SEVEN is a completely different set of events than on DAY SIX. So suppose this MAKING OF MAN was THE PRESENCE OF YAH BEING PUT IN MAN! After all THE WORD DOES NOT SAY THAT THE MAN "MADE OR CREATED" ON DAY SIX WAS MADE FROM OR OF ANYTHING!

Then take into consideration what the LIKENESS AND IMAGE really is! Yah's LIKENESS can be found in THE FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT, and his IMAGE (HABITS) ARE THE TORAH! Misticism through the superstition of the catholic church has a remarkable and DISORDERLY chain of events taking place here. Yah IS A GOD OF ORDER, NOT CONFUSION! We all know where that came from. THE ENTIRE POPULATION OF THE EARTH COULD NOT POSSIBLY HAVE COME FROM SO FEW PEOPLE. And the population definitely could not have come from Noah's kids! The gene pool could not have sustained the 700,000,000,000 people we now have. It could happen if they had more time but this event was less than 5,773 years ago.

You should go to my post below and let's chop this up with deeper uncontaminated study.


Scientists have proven that all blood types cross back into one blood type. They also know the region that the original couple lived in. They did this by experiments on placentas and aborted babies all over the world. Also some of the original people who lived in ancient places still live there. The flood was a worldwide flood. This can be shown through places like the Grand Canyon. The force of the water was so great that it tilted the whole earth and caused the polar caps to freeze. The North and South poles used to be tropical areas. They have found animals huddled together in mass who were probably trying to escape. The animals still had tropical plants in their mouths. Originally the continents were together and the Atlantic Ocean was not there. Whole cities have been found under the Ocean. If you look at a world map and imagine that the Atlantic was not there you can see where the coast line of North America and South America fits the coast line of Africa in shape. They fit together like a puzzle piece if you can follow what I'm saying. They have even studied the plants on the coastal line between continents and found similarities. They are constantly studying many things but generally only publish the things that fit their own theories. Some of them hid the truth, destroy the truth, and distort the truth. People all over the world have stories about a global flood and a man and his family who survived the flood escaping in a large boat.

Let's say that the flood WAS a worldwide flood (btw the Grand Canyon flood was much further back than the Noah flood...anyway), and that all mankind were wiped out (again archeology has proven that this was not the case), HOW COULD A WORLD POPULATION OF OVER 700,000,000,000 BE POPULATED FROM JUST FOUR PEOPLE IN LESS THAN 5,500 YEARS?


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