Initially this group was formed to examine the culture, history, religion and of course, the language with which Elohim communicated His books of instructions to mankind. However such expertise is not available right now, SO THIS GROUP IS DEDICATED TO LEARNING THE HEBREW LANGUAGE: How to READ, UNDERSTAND AND WRITE HEBREW!

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  • A.W. Bowman

    I have been requested to examine several Palms and provide an 'extended' translation, and add an analysis (interpenetration). I have finally started on that task.

    The first Psalm will be Psalm 1, which is now in progress. This one should be ready by the end of the week (6/29/12)/

  • Helen Tyhina Talbert

    Yes we do need to speak Hebrew... To learn the truth about the word if YAHVUH...
  • Jaja Azikiwe

    Karen you have not missed a class. In fact we should be kicking it off in another two weeks!